our fab story

Hair Fabulous Inc is the brainchild of Tanya M. Baker. As a celebrity Spiritual Life Coach, her brand means everything to her. As a mom with 5 daughters and 4 extended daughters, hair and beauty were hot topics in her home. Not only does our Ceo want to make her girls and her clients feel good on the inside. She is dedicated to making them feel just as fabulous on the outside. 

Our products are paraben-free, safe and many are organic. We pride ourselves in offering some of the best products for hair growth, beauty, and hairstyles on the market. Our return policy is hassle-free and our processing time is fast.

We are so excited that we are launching new stores in Arizona. Our first launch in August in Tuscon. Along with our products being sold in Clark Beauty Supply in Missouri. Our brand is also the official sponsor of The Spiritual Life Coaching Retreat.

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