Jolly Green Oil: CBD Vape Pod Multipack (375mg)

JGO's pre-filled CBD Vape Pod Multipack for the JUUL vaporizer, includes Jolly Green Oil's four different pre-filled CBD pods with their high quality CBD Hemp. You get one of each kind of JGO's Pod Flavors, Watermelon Bomb, Mango, Fruit Loops, and Berry Blast.

Infused with 375mg of high quality lab tested THC Free CBD Hemp per pod that is compatible with any JUUL device. 

Each 0.6 ml vape pod produces approximately 200 puffs delivering about 1.9 MG of high quality CBD per inhalation.

Watermelon Bomb CBD Vape Pod

filled with their Watermelon Bomb CBD E-Liquid offering a refreshing blend with a punch of watermelon goodness giving you an exhilarating yet fruity taste of sweet juicy watermelons to excite your taste buds. Infused with 375mg of high quality lab tested THC Free CBD in a mouthwatering surge of sweet and tangy watermelon.

Fruit Loops CBD Vape Pod

JGO's Fruit Loops CBD pre-filled Vape Pod, for the JUUL Vaporizer, filled with Fruit Loop CBD E-Liquid, delivering a delicious experience of nostalgic fruity cereal flavor producing large milky clouds of perfection, reminding you of your favorite childhood cereal.

Mango CBD Vape Pod

This is the tropical fruit flavor you have been dreaming of, Jolly Green Oils pre-filled CBD pods for the JUUL vaporizer, are intense and rich with a sweet & velvety taste like what you expect from biting into a mango and having the juices run out the sides of your mouth.

Berry Blast CBD Vape Pod

JGO's Berry Blast pre-filled Vape Pod, for the JUUL vaporizer, is filled with their Berry Blast CBD E-Liquid offering a smooth and fruity balance of berries mixed to perfection, with a delicious vibrant taste delivering a serious flavor shock wave and sweet smelling vapor clouds for your pleasure! With this smooth tangy flavor and high dose of CBD you won't want to put it down!


80/20 Vegetable Glycerin/Propylene Glycol Mix, Natural & Artificial Flavors, Cannabinoid (CBD) 

Jolly Green Oil: CBD Vape Pod Multipack (375mg)

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